Healthy Vending Machines: How to Balance Healthy Snacks with Classic Favorites

When you picture a vending machine, you probably immediately think of chips, soda, and other salty or sugary snacks. The idea of a healthy vending machine may seem a bit unorthodox, but as consumers become more health-conscious, organizations are responding by adding healthier options to snack machines.

Why healthy snack machine options matter

It’s a basic fact of life: People are going to snack! But it’s also proven that healthier workforces take fewer sick days, perform better, and are more productive. Since offering healthy snacks improves employee nutrition, health, and workplace performance, company wellness programs are using healthy vending to promote employee well-being and to control rising health care costs.

As the competition for top talent continues to be strong, offering a wider range of healthy vending products gives companies a way to differentiate. It may not seem like it, but the food and beverage options accessible to your workers make a major impact on their overall satisfaction. That’s why so many companies in Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, and all across Florida are making healthier vending a top priority.

Beyond the workplace, schools, hospitals, care centers, and other organizations are broadening their healthy vending options. As these organizations strive to promote healthier lifestyles for their students, patients, visitors, and so on, they are finding that it’s counterproductive to have a vending machine full of only cola and cookies.

It’s all about choice and balance

When it comes to healthy vending, choice and balance are the key. Many HR managers have struggled with the fine line of mandating what employees should eat and leaving them to make their own choices as adults. As many have learned the hard way, offering only the healthiest of vending products can drive employees to seek out “pleasure foods,” like chips and cookies, elsewhere – defeating the purpose of having onsite vending.

The answer to this conflict? Offer a wide range of options, including ones that will please your health-conscious staff, encourage everyone to make healthier choices, while still satisfying the more traditional tastes of your workforce. Luckily, modern vending provides a great deal of variety in both healthy vending products as well as classic favorites.

Examples of healthy vending products

Healthy vending machines can offer employees, students, patients (or whoever may be using them) a broad variety of snack options. When choosing a healthier snack, it’s important to focus on fiber, protein, and healthy fats. Some healthy swaps include:

  • Fresh fruits instead of sweet treats
  • Nuts or fresh veggies instead of crunchy processed snacks
  • Yogurt instead of ice cream
  • Pretzels and baked chips instead of their higher-saturated-fat alternatives

A healthy vending program called FitPick can also help your team make healthier snack choices. The program uses dietary guidelines from organizations like the American Heart Association to label food and beverage options with a special sticker indicating it’s a better-for-you choice than traditionally vended products. Learn more about FitPick and how it works.

What about healthy micro markets?

Read about how to choose to between vending, micro markets, and pantry service for your organization.

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