Case Study - Maximus Federal Drives Employee Satisfaction with Vending, Coffee, and Micro Market Services from Florida Fresh

Staff at the Jacksonville office, which supports the US Department of Education’s Office of Federal Student Aid, loves the convenience and flexibility of Florida Fresh’s snack and meal options

The Challenge

Nature of the work keeps staff onsite

The staff at Maximus Federal’s Jacksonville call center are often pressed for time, as handling more than 2,000 calls per day requires them to spend most of their day onsite. With no dining options in the vicinity (and not enough time to visit them), Maximus Federal needed to make sure their employees had a variety of snack and meal options onsite, as well as a place where they could take a break from the phones.

The Solution

A range of food service options tailored for Maximus Federal

After seeing Florida Fresh provide high-quality food service on another floor of their building, Maximus Federal opted to use their coffee services, vending, and micro market solutions.

Office Coffee Services
With all the equipment provided by Florida Fresh, Maximus pays for the consumables so employees can enjoy free coffee. Call center agents need their caffeine!

Vending Services
Florida Fresh supplies a wide variety of quality items, tailored to Maximus and replenished frequently, so employees always have fresh selections to choose from.

Micro Market
Florida Fresh supplies a small micro market for the Maximus team, including a kiosk system for easy checkout, as well as microwaves and refrigerators for staff to use.

In addition to the services provided, Maximus Federal’s Facilities Supervisor, Dennis J. Irving, appreciates that Florida Fresh is prompt and responsive. “There are a lot of vendors that could handle the food aspect, but Florida Fresh stands out because of their service,” he said. “In my job, I work with around 70 different vendors – it’s great to have one I don’t have to worry about.”

The Results

Happier staff & more time to spend tackling other projects

With all the onsite dining options now available to them, Maximus Federal employees feel more comfortable and less stressed about not having time to eat or forgetting to bring lunch. The micro market also gives them a space to take a break from the phones. In fact, the micro market is so popular that employees wish it was even closer to their desks!

For Facilities Supervisor Dennis J. Irving, working with Florida Fresh frees up his time and energy to focus on tackling bigger issues. “I appreciate that Florida Fresh is flexible and responsive to our needs, and I like their seamless integration of products and services,” he says. “They were able to custom tailor a solution for us, and our team is happier as a result.”


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