What Is The Florida Fresh Micro Market?

Long gone are the days of dull, office vending machines. Picture walking into your break room and having the freedom to browse through hundreds of delicious, fresh items on open shelves in your very own personal market. Florida Fresh Markets utilizes ground breaking technology to offer companies state-of-the-art 24 hour micro-markets, complete with touch screen kiosks to allow employees easy access to purchases without ever leaving their workplace. Our emphasis has always been to provide and sustain a healthy lifestyle for employees both in and outside of work. Florida Fresh Markets wants to work with you to create a healthy workplace for you and your employees!

How Does It Work?

With the utilization of an unmanned self check-out kiosk, your employees need merely select the items they wish to purchase, scan the UPC code at the kiosk and complete payment by using a credit, debit or a customizable market card linking to their account. Our micro markets use today’s leading technology and equipment to offer your employees a better break room experience. We provide energy-efficient coolers, attractive fixtures and stylish kiosk to establish a real market feel.

What You Need To Get Started?

• A designated employee area away from public traffic to designate as the market location

• Power supply for the coolers, freezers and kiosk

• Internet access

It really is that simple!

Benefits of The Florida Fresh Market

By providing a Florida Fresh Market in your workplace, employees will be happier, healthier and more productive. The following are some significant advantages to why markets really work for companies nationwide:

Quick and convenient, Markets are located within the work environment, eliminating the need for employees to travel offsite thereby reducing travel expenses for snacks or meals.

Employees love being able to touch and feel items as well as look at nutritional content prior to purchase.

No restrictions on sizes of products as you would find within a traditional vending system.

Ability to customize product selection

Convenience and ease of a personal market open 24/7

No loss of money from transactions or the hassle of refunds as with vending, no “jammed” products.

Florida Fresh Markets use half the power of vending with its Energy Star equipment, contributing to a greener workplace.

A wide assortment of over 300+ high-quality products ranging from fresh entrées to refreshing beverages and delicious snacks.

Promotes healthier eating habits among employees.

Ease of payment including credit or debit card, Florida Fresh Market card or by using the mobile market app.

Companies can give market cards as gifts, for employee recognition or special occasions like birthdays.

24 – hour camera security system

Florida Fresh Markets offers outstanding customer service.

A Florida Fresh Market is truly a cost free employee benefit and contributes to the overall improvement of corporate culture.

One of the key benefits of this micro market concept in your break room is the fact that you are not restricted to what products can actually fit in a traditional vending machine. There are no size or shape restrictions and it also allows us to create a focus on healthy products. Before you buy you can pick up the products and look at the nutritional information and make a decision just like in a regular store.

Avanti Markets can accommodate and showcase nearly any type of product. Choose from a comprehensive menu of items such as:

Fresh crisp salads and fruit

Deli sandwiches, subs, soups and meal options

Premium beverage, sparkling drinks and juice varieties

Popular salty snacks, candies, gum and mints

Low-calorie, low-fat healthy alternatives

Breakfast sandwiches, pastries and cereals

Ice cream and other frozen treats

Medicine and sundry items

Chips, Cookies and Assorted Snack Packs

Much, Much More!


Florida Fresh Markets come outfitted with the most advanced industry technologies. Our state-of-the-art kiosks, surveillance systems and refrigerated equipment are sleek and attractively designed in addition to being energy efficient. Each Florida Fresh Market System is equipped with a web-based inventory-monitoring program, insuring an accurate count of goods, which takes the guesswork out of tracking purchases and inventory levels.

The market runs on a highly secure and stable network. It is encrypted through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnel. The light bandwidth load ensures minimal network demands. Most of the processing is performed locally with the network used minimally for card authorizations, data synchronization and periodic updates. Florida Fresh Markets are PCI Compliant with all national security requirements.


Non-obtrusive camera surveillance will be installed within your customized Florida Fresh Market layout plan in order to minimize risks of theft. We recommend markets be placed in “closed locations”- meaning businesses with moderately secured facilities for a known group of employees. We also recommend markets be placed in areas away from heavy public traffic.

Our sophisticated security system works “in sync” with the kiosk to monitor the market. With these systems in place, we have experienced theft amounts in controlled environments to be negligible. Clearly marked signs indicate the users are on camera, which discourages theft in the market.


The layout of your Florida Fresh Market is completely customizable to fit the needs of your business environment. Whether the market space is converted from an existed vending area or is implemented within an employee break room, we will work with you to help design an aesthetically pleasing and efficient market environment. With the ability of fitting in any size space, a Florida Fresh Market has a solution to fit your needs. All that is needed to get started is a designated market area, a power supply and internet access.

Let us show you how quick and easy it is to bring a Florida Fresh Market to your workplace. Call today - 813-818-2828.